…Intuition is more important than searching for rules.

When paintings happen
The beginning of the creative process for her paintings is to transport the deep feelings of the inner imagination – always with the focus on the people. For years, Africa has been the main theme of her artistic work. From her first visit to the Continent, she was addicted. The smell of the air, the feeling of life. She truly felt the wonderful soul of this exciting part of the world. She sensed not only the natural dignity, joy, warmth and pride of the people, but also their every day battle for survival have remained with her and is the base for her creative process. How can one better catch these impressions as in portraits? Snapshots both in strong brushwork and the powerful flow of colour. Often, the eyes dominate the paintings with exciting tones of colour and consequently create the desired atmosphere and mental effect. “All my paintings are deeply stored within myself and come into existence via my inner self. In the right moment I bring them to life”. This makes her art unique! With energy Gisela Hammer develops her world of paintings. Abstract and overdrawn – but always remaining close to the topic – she gives a name to her art as being “intrinsic-expressive”! Painting, coming from deep inside and opening up to the outside.

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