When paintings happen
Conveying the deep feelings of the inner imagination is the start of her painting’s creative process–which always has the people at its center.
Momentary impressions, which have memorized and which are the basis for the painting process. Layer by layer sensed, elaborated, viewed, but also rejected and re-developed. Every layer, even if it seems hidden, remains an important part of the painting, strengthens the expressiveness, conveys profundity, and always opens up new, not yet discovered.
(Dr. Olaf Willett, cultural historian)

News + Events
  • Another video is online now
  • I’m in it:
  • My work “Welcome” has been nominated for the Art Prize 2017 “Project Peace”:

  • Video | My stand with some of my new works at the Kreativvitty fair
  • egon-schiele-wettbewerb

    1st prize at the Int. Egon Schiele competition November 2016. Schiele Center Krumenau/Budweis

  • ARTE & FAMA art project with 25 international artists in Mallorca
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