• Catalog “Speak-to-me” To my Africa cycle 64 pages. Can be ordered here

    • Interview in the journal “ARTiculAction”, June 2014, 16-page brochure with the Overall interview. Can Free of charge here.

  • “Ye Africa Shilimat. Painting 2013” 16-page brochure can be found here Free of charge.

Schwäbische Post Aalen
from November 14, 2019

Article “It shows faces of Africa”

Aalener Nachrichten
from November 14, 2019

Article “People and Mysticism of a Continent”

Schwäbische Post Aalen
from November 16, 2019

“Faces of Africa between tradition and modernity”

Edition Nr. 197
Monday, 27. August 2018
Diverse positions
“Eichstätter Kurier”
Edition Nr. 197
Monday, 27. August 2018
Strong colors, sculptures and sociability
“Donaukurier Regional”
Edition Nr. 64
Friday, March 16th
A painting for Gaimersheim
“Plain White Canvas”
Liveproject Kunstmessen
Cologne and Innsbruck
Art Innsbruck 12/2016
Galerie Beck, Homburg (photo Plain White Canvas)
(Right side photo with double-sided catalog entry)
Catalog “Artist’s Profiles” 2016
Text by art historian
Flavia Motolese, Genoa / Italy
Double-sided entry (photo title) on the right side double page with my entry
My work in ENKI, the culture magazine of Mallorca. Issue 2/16 April – June
Warm hearted human naturalness. Report in the journal Art Profile ’01/16′
Catalog Creative Contemporary Artists, Vol. 2. – 2015. Double-sided presentation, ISBN 978-3-00-050522-5 (photo title), right next to my double-sided entry
Faces of Africa bear witness Published in ‘Neues Deutschland’, 22./23. August 2015, Berlin Culture.
ART INNSBRUCK. International Fair for Contemporary Art Innsbruck / Austria. 2015 and 2016. Catalog entry (Foto Art Innsbruck 2016), right next to it (catalog entry) on the far right (Photo Art Innsbruck 2015)
“happiness” Community exhibition Galerie Beck, Homburg, January 2016, double page in the catalog (photo title happiness), right side photo with double-sided entry
Project “Structures” with my artist group ART EXPERIMENT Ingolstadt 2015 and 2016. Two-sided presentation (photo title structures) to the right
With my double-sided entry
Catalog SATURA 1st International Art Contest Genoa, Italy. 2014. Awarded work “Malou”. Page 23 top (photo title Satura) right side photo with page 23
And my work (see above)
La Repubblica Genova, 4.10.2014, Cartellone P. 15