« …Gisela’s colours are extremely vivid and bright. She uses them in a free and spontaneous manner, in the tradition of German Expressionism (we can think of Nolde or Kirchner) but also in the tradition of open direct speech — which has almost been forgotten today….. »

(Maxim Kantor, Russian Painter)


  • 3rd prize at the International Artes Art Prize Turin/Italy 2018
  • 1st prize international Egon Schiele competition, November 2016
  • Awarded at the 19. Concorso Nazionale d’Arte Contemporanea,
    Satura Gallery, Genua/Italy
    September 2014
  • 3rd award at the International Art Award Competition
    “Chai du Terral” in Montpellier / France, May 2013
  • Awarded the 1st International Art Award Competition
    Satura in Genoa / Italy, May 2014

    • Gisela grew up in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria and was creative in the Marketing business. Since 1996 she has been working as a self-taught artist in her own studios in Gaimersheim/Germany and Mallorca / Spain.