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Citations about my work

  • | 17.03.2014:
    Maxim Kantor, Russian painter and writer:

    „……..I follow your creations with great enthusiasm”

  • | Brook Ayalew, Addis Abeba/Ethiopia:

    “I tell you what Gisela, I’m an African, and a typical one. I testify, you do know Africa and you played the paint to the best you should! Wonderfully made and this takes ones heart to land at such best of EXPRESSION pick up. Du bist am besten!”

  • | 06.07.13 to the picture “Tafari Pa13-2”:

    “Again an extraordinary piece! Look at the colours, expressions, light and shade plays. It takes to be born a painter to let the colours talk and to be born African to get those vibes. I tell you dear, your soul is somehow connected to this land of marvels, Africa. Super pic Gisela.”

  • | 27.07.13 to the picture “Coffee-Time A13-14”:

    “To paint, could be a skill to be born with (inborn), but to draw life on a non alive matters and appeal it alive requires your soul. Gisela, you have this soul! That’s how you see, eternalize, let the inks flow in your own unusual way and inspire people understand your paints their own way. As they appear real, all your paints remind me of someone or something always familiar. Supper skill.”

  • | 31.07.13 to my “7 african boys A11-19”:

    “Look at those alive pics. Gisela, it seems that you are with real features. Seems that you are talking to them when see those flashing facial expressions. I always love to see your works which are world of expressions.”

  • | 31.10.2011 Joe Esposito, Pennsylvania, United States of America:

    “Gisela’s work is Pure, Powerful, Raw and Emotional, Intense, Spontaneous, Alive, Passionate, Daring, Truthful and Real. It is real because it comes from her Heart and her Soul. The Great Spirit is with her and it shows in all of her Art.” Joe